TDP lamps combine a mineral plate over a heating element. The formulation of the mineral plate is very specific and what makes TDP so unique. It is said to be based on the composition of a black clay that was found in a factory in rural China. Despite the harsh and extreme weather conditions, workers in this clay factory had a very low incidence of illness. Researchers took to analyzing the mineral composition of the black clay in developing TDP technology. The combination of heat and the mineral plate emits waves in the infrared range. Infrared waves are proposed to enhance microcirculation and loosen tension in the fascia. 

I use TDP therapy as I would use moxabustion therapy to warm the body, encourage healthy blood flow and to enhance the overall energy of the body. It can assist in the treatment of pain conditions, fatigue, gynecological complaints, tension, impaired circulation, swellings and sinus or bronchial conditions.