Chinese herbal medicine involves the study of whole plant substances and how they treat a myriad of physical and emotional ailments in the body. Something unique to Chinese medicine is the art of combining plant parts to build formulas. Rather than using a single, isolated substance for it’s biochemical effect, Chinese herbal formulas are designed to support the function of multiple physical and energetic systems at once. A formula may contain 2 or more herbs that work in combination to help the body return to a more balanced state. Licensed Chinese herbalists have extensive training in the use of over 365 plant & mineral substances. We are trained to understand how these herbs impact the body individually as well as how the herbs interact together in a given formula.


A patient may be on an herbal formula or a series of herbal formulas for an extended period of time. Herbal medicine can be used to treat acute conditions such as the common cold and can also provide systemic support and relief for any number of chronic conditions. If you have questions about the use of Chinese herbal medicine for any specific symptoms or conditions, feel free to inquire by phone call or sending me an email!