The members of Ahimsa Wellness Collective strive to augment the capacity for individual healing and to improve the quality of life within the community. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare. We understand the need for effective and high quality care. We operate from the perspective that a community is only as well, healthy and thriving as the sum of its individual parts. All beings have a path and a purpose and deserve peace.


We collaborate with our community to assist each individual in achieving balance, health and wellness. We achieve this vision through the application of our individual talents in the healing arts.


We understand that providing high quality care for others begins with caring for ourselves. As members of Ahimsa Wellness Collective, we are dedicated to our own personal and professional growth as well as our own self-care. We, too, are members of this community. We see the need for sustainable personal practices and we strive to implement them in our own lives. We have goals, passions, relationships and challenges. We value this human experience in its triumphs as well as its struggles.


We offer our skilled gifts, our knowledge, our experiences, our committment and our compassion to the community so that we can all continue to grow together, be well, and strive for peace.