Moxabustion or "moxa" is a warming technique used to invigorate the flow of blood and qi (energy) along specific channel lines and throughout specific areas of the body. The moxa sticks we use for moxabustion therapy are made of mugwort (artemesia vulgaris). Mugwort can be taken internally in Chinese herbal medicine for gynecological complaints. Mugwort warms and circulates the blood, encouraging healthy blood flow to the tissues and helping to stop bleeding in cases of cold and deficiency.

I often use moxabustion to treat pain conditions, fatigue, gynecological complaints, swelling, sinus congestion or cough (among many other complaints). By increasing and warming blood and qi flow, moxa promotes healthy blood flow to the tissues to reduce pain and discomfort. I also use moxabustion on specific acupuncture points to enhance or encourage their function in aiding the body to a more balanced state.